Fishing Pliers, Lip Gripper Tool Set & Fish Hook Remover

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Fishing Pliers Scissors Line Cutter Fish Gripper Tool Set is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It is made of durable and lightweight Aluminum material, suitable to use outdoors. 

The fishing pliers and fish gripper toolset work great for various carp fishing, bass fishing, sea fishing, ice fishing, kokanee fishing, steelhead fishing. The toolset also features a line cutter and hook remover that will make the task of breaking off a fish easier.

These are the ultimate combination fishing pliers which are designed for fishing hooks, fishing lines, worms, live fish, squid or shrimp for bait, cutting nylon ropes or nets, and other off-shore marine activities. These multi-use scissors feature a spring-loaded scissor mechanism with hardened stainless steel blades, precision stainless steel serrated jaws that provide an aggressive grip on any fish.

  • Gun Type Aluminum Alloy Hook Remover: The internal spring mechanism and the ergonomic plastic handle that can fit your palm perfectly are great for single-hand operation. The stainless steel hook and the aluminum alloy shaft is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, ensuring it can function in both freshwater and saltwater environment.

  • 7-Inch Two Color Aluminum Alloy Fishing Pliers: Aluminum alloy fishing line pliers, elegant hollow design, machine-cut aluminum handles, reduce weight, multi-function used for weaving line pliers to split the hook and unhook.

  • Stainless Steel Fish Gripper: The classic T-shaped gripper ergonomic handle, EVA foam, perfectly fits the palm, enhances

    hand strength and reduces fatigue.

  • Excellent Anti-Rust Properties: These fishing PLIERS, fish gripper, and fishing hooks remover are very suitable for freshwater and harsh seawater environments, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and suitable for long-term fishing

  • Easy To Carry: With an adjustable coiled lanyard connected to a clip, it is very convenient to tie on a vest or belt and prevent it from falling into the water or sinking.


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